Np93 ALPHA - Gaming Mouse

Key strengths

  • THUMB JOYSTICK Highly accurate joystick with two axis and +/- 30 degrees of tilt in all directions. Placed at the thumb area and handily accessible, its reactivity allows players to increase the amount of action they can do in a short time.
  • FLEXIBILITY The Np93 Alpha comes with an in-real time DPI change software to increase skill and fun.
  • ACCURACY Includes 6 ceramic glide feet that increase performance through better accuracy and speed.
  • COMFORT The reduced friction on all surfaces decreases efforts and contributes to resting wrists during long computing sessions.
  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT Including 2 weight adjusters.
  • CUSTOMIZATION Up to 12 programmables macros.
  • USB CABLE braided.

Superior glide
with ceramic pads
Soft touch
for excellent handling
Ergonomic shape
for extreme precision
Thumb stick
Get the perfect headshot !