DPI and gaming, just a marketing fad ?

If you’ve ever been looking for gaming hardware, specifically mice then you know that many brands like to push their Dpi numbers down your throat.

Dpi means Dot Per Inch, theoretically if a mouse has 2000 DPI, it means that if you move your mouse by one inch (2,54cm), the mouse cursor will move 2000 pixels.

The higher the number of DPI, the more sensitive the mouse. This means that even when you move the mouse very slightly with a high Dpi, on the screen the cursor will travel an incredible distance.

Almost all the mice sold today have a number of DPI around 1600. Common mice turn around 4000 DPI or more, and you can usually increase / decrease this setting with a button on the mouse.

But Gaming Mice often turn around 8000/12000 why is that? How to find the perfect DPI number for my mouse?

In the case of gaming mice, Dpi numbers are indeed a marketing craze, the importance of Dpi being a myth with a hard tooth. In fact, if you are a professional player in first person shooting games, you would be well advised to use a mouse with a lower number of DPIs because lower DPIs offer better accuracy. Professional players in FPS games will often prefer lower DPIs, up to 400-800 DPI, for really precise control of movement.

There is no easy way to determine the precise number of DPIs you need for playing, this is really up to you and to what you’re comfortable with in game.

And while low priced conventional mice cannot be configured, many gamer mice have modifiable parameters for Dpi. Some have fixed setting options, for example 3 choices of DPI at 1200, 3200 or 6000, while others offer you a range, from 200 to 12000, to let you freely choose the desired configuration. Some of them will also let you choose the buttons to increase / decrease the DPI or activate a specific number of DPI.

So, are DPI important for gamer mice?

Nowadays, even the cheapest mice have at least 1600 DPI, which is good enough for FPS games for example, but again you won’t be able to configure it. But if you want to use it for many different games or if you have a high pixel density screen, then it will be interesting and more comfortable to have a higher, configurable DPI number.

To put it in a nutshell, the Dpi level is not an indicator of how good the mouse is, but it can be interesting to be able to choose within a big range of Dpi.