MMORPG best gaming mouse

Whether you play World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls Online, Warframe, Wildstar, Star Citizen or any other MMORPG, the Lexip Pu94 gaming mouse will change the way you play.

Pu94 is an impressive MMO gaming mouse for two main reasons: its 6 programmable buttons and its thumb joystick merged with an internal pivot.

A gaming mouse featuring 6 programmable buttons, all around the device

When playing a MMORPG, buttons really matter. They enable you to save a precious time, since you get direct access to main commmands with a single hand. Their distribution all around the mouse make the device very comfortable to use.

On the Pu94, programmable buttons are set all around the mouse for easy reach. You will find two on the side, two above (forefinger and middle finger), a pivot and a top backlit button. All 6 buttons can be completely customized. You can therefore set up your own most important key commands, accessible in one simple click.

When others keep using shortcuts every other second, with your Pu94 gaming mouse, you will switch from one action to the next faster than you ever thought you could !

A gaming mouse merging an internal pivot and a thumb joystick

The combination of a thumb joystick and an internal pivot within a gaming mouse is a revolution for all MMORPG gamers !

This enables you to aim at a target and move the camera around without losing your target in the meanwhile. For instance, when playing World of Warcraft, you can easily manage your spells while turning around to check the surroundings.

With its 4 different axis, it also enables you to deal with 8 different binds, either for targetting, spells, objects, macro… You can now switch from one target to the next with a simple axis change. To follow up on the WoW example, Heals  can associate 8 specific mates, either in PvE HL, THL or even PvP.

And think about it: merging the use of the pivot and the joystick enables you to reach up to 100.000 different combinations!