Upgrade your mouse gliding quality with ceramic glide feet. The Mo42 ceramic feet offer an incomparable glide and accuracy upgrade to your mouse. They are compatible with both optical and laser mice. 



  • COMPATIBLE WITH OPTICAL & LASER MICE Once the feet are stuck under the mouse base, the set up might need to be adjusted in the mouse configuration software.
  • GLIDING  The feet are able to withstand a succession of fast movements without stalling, ensuring a perfect transcription of the movement on the screen. Ceramic feet give both better gliding and better control.
  • LIMITED FRICTION   No more mouse gripping on your mat. Unlike Teflon or plastic pads, ceramic feet last for more than 2500 km. Any mouse upgraded with Mo42 responds to the slightest hand movement and limits wrist exhaustion. 
  • COMFORT  The comfort provided by reducing friction on all surfaces - thanks to ceramic feet - leads to a decreased effort and less stressed wrist for long working and gaming sessions.

Ramp up your mouse by reducing friction!

"Here’s a fun solution a select few of you will find really useful. Lexip is showing off a $20 six-pack of incredibly thin ceramic sliders that stick on the bottom of any computer mouse. They eliminate all traction and the company says they’ll likely outlive any mouse you own. They’re also great if you like to race mice."
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"The time has come to no longer worry about your mice degrading as you use them. In fact, it’s time to improve how we use mice entirely. Meet Mo42: Ceramic glide feet (or nubs) that will stick to the underside of your mouse to improve precision and gliding. I got to see the product firsthand at CES 2019.
When I tested a mouse using the ceramic feet, I was impressed with how well it practically slid off the table. The best part is that Mo42 is easy to set up on any mouse that you already own. Once you clean the bottom of your mouse with the included sticky tape and alcohol wipe, you just peel the bottom layer of one of the feet to expose the adhesive, then stick it to the bottom of the mouse.
The Mo42 is perfect for anyone attempting salvage an old mouse with withered down Teflon, and I am pretty excited to see how the accessory will affect the performance of my own mice while gaming."
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"Stick these ceramic feet on any gaming mouse for an instant upgrade"

"I wish these were standard on every gaming mouse"
Mo42 Ceramic Glide Feet comparison EN
“The best mouse feet on the market”
Mo42 Ceramic Glide Feet vs Teflon





Please stick the glide pads directly to the bottom of your mouse and not over the older pads, as doing so may raise your mouse more than what its tracking system can handle.

Refreshing your mouse's settings thanks to its control panel can be useful after installing ceramic feet, in order to adjust the sensor to your mouse's new equipment.



To date and to the best of our knowledge, the Mo42 ceramic feet are compatible with most laser and optical mice on the market.

If your mouse appears not to be compatible with the Mo42 ceramic feet, please contact us at


Legend : ✓successfully tested by the Lexip team - ❌ the Lexip team tested the mouse as non-functional.

No indication means a user has reported the mouse as working.




If your mouse doesn't track properly, download and install Logitech G Hub, plug your mouse in (make sure the software dtects it), open the parameters (⚙️icon in G Hub), go to "surface tuning", create a profile you'll call "Mo42" and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • MX Master 2S
  • G502 Hero ❌
  • G502 Light
  • MX Vertical
  • MX 518 Legendary ✓
  • G305 ✓
  • G703 ✓
  • G303 ✓
  • MX Master 3
  • PROTHEUS Spectrum ✓
  • G903
  • G900



If your mouse doesn't track properly, please open the "calibration" tab in Razer Synapse™ and follow the on-screen instructions to manually set tracking.

  • DeathAdder Chroma
  • Naga Hex V2
  • DeathAdder Elite ✓
  • Mamba Elite
  • Viper ✓
  • Naga Trinity
  • LanceHead Tournament ✓
  • Abyssus
  • Atheris
  • Basilisk Essential ✓



The mice work properly with Mo42 glide pads without further setup.

  • Pulsefire Core ✓
  • Pulsefire FPS Pro ✓
  • Pulsefire Surge ✓
  • Pulsefire Raid ✓
  • Pulsefire Dart ✓



If your mouse doesn't track properly, please open the "calibration" tab in QuarterMaster and follow the on-screen instructions to manually set tracking.

  • Nitro Gaming Mouse - NMW810 ✓
  • Predator Cestus 310
  • Ultra Slim Optical Mouse - AMR820
  • Wireless Optical Mouse - AMR613
  • Predator Cestus 300
  • Predator Cestus 320
  • Predator Cestus 350
  • Predator Cestus 500 ✓
  • Predator Cestus 510



If your mouse doesn't track properly, please open the "calibration" tab in iCUE and follow the on-screen instructions to manually set tracking.

  • Harpoon ✓
  • M65 Pro
  • Dark Core ✓
  • Scimitar Pro
  • Sabre ✓
  • Ironclaw ✓
  • Glaive ✓
  • M55 RGB Pro
  • Nightsword



The mice work properly with Mo42 glide pads without further setup.

  • Leadr
  • Tyon ✓
  • Nyth
  • Kova ✓
  • Kone AIMO ✓
  • Lua
  • Kone EMP ✓
  • Kone Pure Owl-Eye ✓
  • Kain 100 AIMO
  • Kain 200 AIMO



The mice work properly with Mo42 glide pads without further setup.

  • Sensei 10
  • Rival 600
  • Rival 650 Wireless
  • Sensei 310 ✓
  • Rival 710 ✓
  • Rival 500
  • Rival 300S
  • Rival 310 ✓
  • Rival 110 ✓



The mice work properly with Mo42 glide pads without further setup.

  • Clutch GM30 ✓
  • Clutch GM50 ✓
  • Clutch GM11
  • Clutch GM70 ✓
  • Clutch GM10
  • Clutch GM60
  • Interceptor DS B1 ✓
  • Interceptor DS100
  • Interceptor DS200
  • Interceptor DS300



Apart from ROG Gladius II (not working with the pads), the mice work properly with Mo42 glide pads without further setup.

  • TUG Gaming M5
  • ROG Spatha ✓
  • ROG Pugio
  • ROG Strix Impact ✓
  • ROG Strix Carry
  • ROG Sica
  • ROG Gladius II ❌
  • WT300
  • Cerberus Mouse ✓
  • MW201 C BT



  • AW310M
  • AW510M
  • AW610M
  • Elite AW959
  • AW558 ✓



  • MICROSOFT Intellimouse ✓
  • FINAL MOUSE Ergo 2016 ✓
  • MADCATZ R.A.T 2+ ✓
  • FINAL MOUSE Air58 ✓
  • MADCATZ R.A.T Pro S3 ✓
  • KLIM AIM ✓
  • MADCATZ R.A.T 8+ ✓
  • CSL Vertical TM137U ✓
  • BENQ EC2-A ✓





Do I need to remove the old pads?

No you don't need to remove the old teflon from your mouse, our skates are 1.2mm thick which guarantees at least 0.1mm more height than your old skates for a perfect glide. Don't stick the new pads on top of the old ones though.


Do they work on all surfaces and do I have to change my mouse settings?

Yes, the Mo42 work on any hard surface, this is one of the great advantages of ceramics. It is certain that by using Mo42 you will benefit from a better quality glide, you will feel the need to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse in the first hours of use.

Please note that different mouse pad textures and colors might also affect the optimal LOD.


Do I have to use all 6 feet on my mouse?

*EAN number of the product: 3760210999999999999990740

If your mouse is stable with less than 6 pads you may not use them all.


With which software/games are the ceramic pads compatible?

The Mo42 are compatible with almost all mice on the market. Be careful to stick them directly under the mouse and not over the old teflon pads of your mouse. Please also make sure to set your Lift-Off Distance if your mouse has a control panel. For any problem please contact us on


What is in the box of Mo42?

The box contains:

  • 6 ceramic glides
  • 2 alcohol-soaked wipes and 1 soft cloth
  • Lexip stickers and 6 3M sticks to attach the skates to the mouse

Technical features
Main material: ceramic
Shape: round
Dimensions: 1.2mm (thickness) x 12mm (diameter)
How to use them
Simply stick the ceramic feet under your mouse!
Compatible with lazer and optical mice
4 to 6 ceramic feet can be used for perfect stability, depending on the size of your mouse