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Hardware required for an update :

  • Computer running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • USB to micro-USB cable (supplied with controllers)

Download file :

Colored Twin pads firmware update

Procedure (one Pad at a time)

  1. Hold downa joystick’s 3D joystick until LEDs 1 and 3 (see manual) light up for about 3 seconds, then go out.
  2. Connect your controller to your computer using the USB connector cable (supplied with controllers).
  3. On your computer, check the list of devices and printers (Control Panel / Hardware and audio / Devices and printers) for the device “BR22”.
  4. Open the Colorful_TP_Firmware_Update folder and run the update software (Switch_1127_fw.exe).
  5. Check that it says “ONLINE” next to “Device Status”, which means that the controller has been detected.
  6. Click on the “OPEN” button, go to the Colorful_TP_Firmware_Update folder, then to the folder corresponding to the color of your joystick, and then to the “Colorful_TP_Firmware_Update” folder.
    • open the *_Left.jocn file for the left joystick
    • or *_Right.jocn for the right joystick.
  7. Click on “DOWNLOAD” and wait until it says “SUCCESS” in the download bar, which means that the update has worked.
  8. Unplug the joystick.

Repeat steps 1 to 8 for the other joystick.

To synchronize the controller with the Switch, please follow the Twin Pads connection instructions.