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Lexip x Tsume: When gaming meets art

Lexip x Tsume is an exceptional collaboration that has given birth to a limited series of gaming accessories inspired by the famous Naruto Shippuden series. This unique range combines the artistic aesthetics of Tsume Art with the ergonomic technology of Lexip.

Unique game accessories

The Lexip x Tsume range includes controllers, mice, wireless headsets and mouse pads, featuring iconic Naruto Shippuden characters such as Sasuke, Madara, and Kakashi. Each product is designed with special attention
to detail, capturing the very essence of Naruto Shippuden.

Game mouse

The mice in the series each represent the weapon chosen by the character at the most crucial moment, with a precision that will come as no surprise to those familiar with Tsume creations. They also feature Lexip’s signature technologies: extremely comfortable ceramic glides and a thumb joystick for more pleasant navigation and play.

Wireless headphones

The wireless headsets in the series deepen the intention and progression achieved by each character through their paintings, the engravings on their metal reinforcements, the inner seams of their headbands and the sculptures adorning their exteriors and pickups.


Lexip x Tsume series controllers are designed to deliver an immersive gaming experience.
With their 4 programmable palettes, they are ergonomic, durable and have an attractive design.

Mouse pads

Lexip x Tsume mouse pads let you relive the unexpected rise of Naruto Shippuden.
Its sober design, stylization, design details, power button and even the color
of its illuminated outline will let connoisseurs guess the precise moment of the story being depicted.

An exceptional collaboration

This collaboration between Lexip and Tsume Art has resulted in premium products that combine Tsume Art’s artistic aesthetics with Lexip’s ergonomic technology. The razor-sharp details of armor, horns and wings come to life in an almost spectral transparent material..

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