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LEXIP PU94 – Wired 3D mouse with internal joystick, thumb joystick and ceramic pads – 6 buttons and 12 programmable macros


  • PERFORM IN A 3D ENVIRONMENT: the Pu94 is the first mouse to merge two joysticks.
    It will be an invaluable ally for controlling 3D creation and editing software,
    or simulation games.
  • LESS EFFORT, MORE MOVEMENT: The 360° internal pivot offers a wide range of movements in 3 dimensions (+/-20 degrees) in all directions. Equipped with a high-performance laser sensor
    ADNS-9800, a speed/acceleration ratio of 150 FPS/30g and 2 separate accelerometers,
    the Pu94 reaches 12,000 DPI.
  • INTUITIVE AND HIGHLY RESPONSIVE: Dual-axis joystick with +/- 30-degree precision
    in all directions: upwards, downwards, forwards and backwards. Intuitive handling
    and its high level of responsiveness have enabled us to increase the number of complex actions by over 40%.
  • THE CERAMIC SKID REVOLUTION: The 6 ceramic skids enhance
    the mouse’s performance by offering the user incomparable glide
    and much more precision. Much more durable than ordinary Teflon pads,
    ceramics offer longer mouse life.


Designed for intuitive control of 3D environments in design software and video games, the Pu94 is the first mouse to merge two joysticks.

  • Facilitates 3D design on Solidworks, Catia, Autocad, Unity, Fusion 360, and any modeling software.
  • Gains up to 20% in productivity
  • Unrivalled gliding comfort thanks to patented ceramic glides
  • Dual thumb joystick and 360° internal pivot

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Gaming, Office, Design, 3D


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