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Intuitive 3D motion

PU94 is a game changer. Its tilting shell combined with its thumb joystick and
its 6 programmable buttons make shortcuts history. With its clever features,
Pu94 offers you a new and visionary way of using your gaming mouse.
It helps you save a precious action time by simplifying your game.
Do less and achieve more.
Move intuitively in 3 dimensions while barely shifting your grip.
Control your camera with the thumb joystick while keeping the cursor stationary where you want it to be.
You’ll be surprised how accurate it is! Make PU94 your unfair advantage.
"Lexip's PU94 has been the most innovative mouse for a long time. The idea here is to do without other peripherals by adding several options to what mice traditionally do. Therefore, PU94 is equipped with a thumbjoystick. What's more, the shell of the mouse can tilt on its base. At the end of the day, one gets 3 planes to move on, which enable for instance to manage the rudder control on one's flight simulator or the various views from a cockpit without having to use a keyboard or a dedicated joystick."
tom's Hardware Pu94 EN

Smooth, fast and deadly precise

The ceramic feet placed under your gaming mouse dramatically reduce friction.
They are the key to really smooth sliding and an increased control of movements,
especially during high-speed use (for FPS in particular).
Equipped with a high performance ADNS-9800 laser captor,
Pu94 reaches 12000DPI for a tremendous accuracy.

Do you make most of your Pu94?

The latest versions of the control panel and the firmware, available now. Compatible on Windows.
Lexip control panel

Learn how to unleash the potential of your Pu94

Designed for 3D environments, Lexip serves as both a mouse and flight stick in one.
Space simulators
Benefiting the most are space simulators like Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Space Engineers and Kerbal Space Program. Complex, sustained maneuvers are now easy to perform, all while keeping your other hand on the keyboard for quick shortcuts.

Depending on your preference, you can control the pitch, yaw, and roll of your craft with either your thumb or your palm.
Star Citizen
With more accuracy and speed, Lexip gives you the edge to build competitive environments.
Building games
For games like Minecraft, you can switch through your slots, weapons, and items by using the thumb joystick. In games where you build, such as BeSeige and Fortnite, Lexip allows for placement of objects with ease.

This increases both the speed and precision with which you place down blocks, walls, and objects giving you both a competitive edge and a more enjoyable gaming experience.
Building games

Be the game changer

Absolutely precise and lightning fast, the PU94 gaming mouse
kicks the door open to a brand new way of gaming.
Its 2 axis thumb joystick helps you perform complex sustained actions effortlessly.
Its internal mechanical two-axis pivot enables the upper shell to rotate
while the bottom shell remains stationary.
Pu94 was designed to challenge the rules.
With this 3D gaming mouse, you’ll jump, run, fly, shoot better than you ever thought you could,
only with your thumb and the grip of your hand.
No wonder why it was named CES honoree 4 times in the last 2 years !

Great technical features

Mini thumb joystick
>90.000 angle values
Rotation: front / back / up / down
Full precision on 30 degrees gradient in all four directions make it easy to control the roll, the yaw and the pitch
Two degrees of freedom offer the same sensation as a traditional joystick, within a compact version
Internal pivot
Two-axis tilt of the upper shell
Full precision on +/-20 degrees clearance in all directions
Composed of a silent bloc connecting the upper and lower shells, enabling the lower shell to remain stationary
Accelerometers send up to 550 individual positions to CPU
Ceramic feet
Extremely low friction coefficient
6 ceramic feet for a very smooth sliding
Faster than ever
ADNS-9800 laser captor
12000 DPI - programmable by the DPI
Speed acceleration: 150 ips/30g
2 accelerometers, one assembled to the upper shell, the other one to the lower PCB
6 Programmable buttons
Ergonomic button shape
2 side buttons, right and left click, click on the scroll, DPI button
Button switch: Omron
Internal pivot and thumb joystick moves can also be programmed
Interchangeable USB wire
1.6m long
Braided, ensuring strength throughout its gaming life
Can easily be plugged / unplugged so you can change the color / length at will
Length 11.9cm
Width 5.1cm
Height 2.5cm
Weight 141g

This is a right-handed version. The left-handed version will be available later in 2019.

The control panel is currently compatible on Windows.